Hakuba is not only about ski or snowboard but summer activities. Just dive into the extraordinary.

Happo pond

Trekking and Hiking

Hakuba is a fascinating mountain climbing in earnest, but there are many trekking trails and hiking trails that are easy to go. Happo Pond, selected by the CNN as “the 34 most beautiful places in Japan,” is a mysterious pond where the pond mirrors and reflects the mountains of Hakuba. From here, you can reach Gondola Adam, which is the gateway to Happo Pond, in 5 minutes by car, and enjoy a great panorama of the Northern Alps on a day trip. In addition, one lift can access to the Kitaon plateau which goes on foot from our facility. You can see the Northern Alps in the sunbeams.

cycling MTB Hakuba


Hakuba Village offers a wealth of nature and spectacular views of the Northern Alps. Cycling while feeling the sound of birds flying through the woods, singing through the birds and the river, is a unique way to enjoy the Hakuba Green Season. Around Hakuba Village, each course is approximately 10 km long around Hakuba. Along Hakuba Village's tourist attractions and riversides, sometimes the rice field trail is followed. Cross country courses and downhill courses are recommended to enjoy MTB in earnest.

Hakuba paraglider


The attraction of Hakuba paragliders that you can fly at a location closest to the Alps in Japan! The scenery of magnificent mountains and white horse from the sky is the best part. Safe and secure because it is a professional pilot. Enjoy an air travel with a difference of 650 meters.

canoe kayak SUP

Canoeing, Kayaking, SUP

Lake Aoki is located about 20 minutes from Hakuba towards Omachi. It is so transparent that it is said to be a mirror that reflects the Northern Alps, and its water activities are fulfilling. The surrounding forest is beautiful and the location is the best. In addition to canoeing and kayaking, popular SUP tours are also held. Relax and enjoy in the tranquility.

Tugaike Wow

Hakuba Tsugaike WOW!

The adventure facility from France lands in Tsugaike for the first time! There are many activities for children and also for adults to enjoy safely. Fly and bounce with a huge net, and play with a thrilling combined tower. There are also age restrictions and height restrictions so please contact them for more details or check the official website below.

[About 20 minutes by car]

Tsugaike WOW! Official Site


EX Adventure

Full-fledged athletic at a height of over 8m from the start to the goal! You got scared? Don't worry, it is attached to the Harnell, it can challenge with confidence from children to adults. Please try with your family and friends! It might get your group closer!

[About 10 minutes by car]

EX Adventure Official Site

BBQ Hakuba

BBQ Rental

Why don't you enjoy the upscale BBQ at the back of a wooded forest?

Enjoy BBQ with sound of wind, bird humming with your friends and family.

Please contact with the staff for the details.