Hakuba Valley, Japan's largest ski resort

The Hakuba Valley boasts the world's leading snow quality and snowfall. Ten unique ski areas offer beginners to advanced skiers, backcountry, snowmobiles and cross country skiers. It is very convenient to buy a "Hakuba Valley ticket" that can be used at all ski areas, as you can take a lift directly without being in line with the window. We also offer a free transfer service to each ski area.

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Ski / Snowboard Lessons

Each ski area has a ski school, which accepts a wide range of beginners to advanced skiers who have never skied. There are private programs, back country guides, and other programs tailored to your level and goals, so you can improve your skills while enjoying the nature of Hakuba. As the winter season is crowded, please contact the Concierge early for reservations and inquiries.

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Equipment Rental

After checking in, first go to the rental shop. There are many shops in Hakuba Village where you can rent a well-maintained ski and snowboard package. There are shops that sell small items such as gloves, so beginners can enjoy snow sports with confidence.

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Snow Activities

There are plenty of winter activities besides skiing and snowboarding! Snowshoe is recommended for those who want to enjoy the nature of Hakuba slowly. In addition, powerful snowmobiles and snow rafting are also popular.

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Backcountry Guiding

High quality powder snow of Hakuba boasting high elevation. The spectacular views of the Northern Alps and the vast sense of scale attract the world's skiers. Back country has become increasingly popular in recent years, but to enjoy safely it requires some level of skimming level, mountain knowledge, and braces. If you would like to take part in back country tours, we will introduce you to a local specialist company.

Lift Passes