Fresh green leaves and fall leaves, star gazing, or take a gondola and admire magnificent views in the clear air. There's so many fascinating sights in Hakuba. Which one you want to try?

Happo Pond


The very famous trekking course that goes from Gondra to the lift and from Happo Ike Sanso to Happo Ike is well-known as "Happo One Nature Research Road". Happo pond reflecting the magnificent mountains is very fantastic, and it is also selected as the US CNN “34 Best Places in Japan”. Enjoy a treasure trove of alpine plants in summer and majestic mountain ranges and colored leaves in autumn. From Gondola platform to Happo pond, about 90 minutes each way.

[About 10 minutes by car to gondola platform]

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Hakuba Iwatake mountain resort The City Bakery

Hakuba Mountain Habor

The summit terrace, which offers panoramic views of the Northern Alps, opens in the autumn of 2018. Hakuba Miyama (Hakuba-dake, Mt. Shishi-dake, Hakuba-dakagedake) can be viewed directly from the front, and you can enjoy wonderful mountainous landscape in each season. A long-established bakery "THE CITY BAKERY" from New York is also added. Relax on the terrace or take a walk around the summit.

[About 10 minutes by car]

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Kitaone kogen Hakuba

Kitaone Kogen

Just one lift to the Kitaone plateau of 1200m above sea level and superb view. Its really close from each accommodation. You can look at the magnificent Northern Alps, feel the clear air of the plateau, and use it in footbaths. Recommended for those who want to spend a nice and slow time. Also on the weekend, a tour of Morgen route with a view of the sea of clouds is also held along with the sunrise.

[About 10 minutes by car, about 5 minutes by walk]

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Tsugaike national park

Tsugaike Nature Park

Tsugaike Nature Park is a high-rise wetland above the clouds that overlooks the Hakuba Mountain Range. The park has a promenade, and there are various ways to enjoy it, from about 1 hour walk to about 4 hours trek. It is a place where you can enjoy the beautiful nature at any time when you visit Mizubasho in mid-June, summer prickly pear, and the autumn leaves of the Northern Alps starting from the end of September.

[About 20 minutes by car]

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Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium

Nagano Olympic Ski Jump Stadium

You can be the ski jumper. The jumping platform that became the stage of the 1998 Nagano Olympics. It is a place where the Japanese team has won a gold medal in the ski jumping team match, and many international tournaments are held today. You can also use the lift to climb to a starting point about 140m above the ground, and the view from there is a spectacular sight.

[About 10 minutes by car]