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Open Daily! Our own Hakuba Strawberry Picking Farm

February 04, 2020

It's very exciting to announce that our Hakuba's first strawberry picking farm, "Snow Farm", opened on 20th Dec.
Our strawberry grown very sweet and juicy thanks to the coldness and large temperature difference in Hakuba.
Please enjoy their scent and taste, which surely the best ever.

Open 9:00 am to 3:00 pm everyday. (Sunday will be open as per booking)
Please contact concierge for further details. Shuttle service will be available for the guests.

For the customer who don't stay with us, please contact 050-5363-7966 or visit our site for booking.
Please kindly note that our house may be closed due to strawberry conditions.

Picking Time: 30 mins

Price: Adult 2,000 yen
Child (6 and under) 1,000 yen
under 3 is free.
We accept CASH Only on the site.

If it sounds too much, you could choose another option.
You can pick our strawberries and fill up a punnet to go. (2,000 yen per punnet).

Access: Our farm house is close to Hakuba Base Camp in Echoland. Please see map.
Please take HV-3 shuttle bus and drop off at Hakuba Base Camp. (shuttle bus schedule is here)