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The Hakuba Company COVID-19 Response

Covid-19 Measures and Policy Changes at Mountainside Hakuba, Villa El Cielo & Hachi.

To protect our guests against Covid-19, we have adjusted our operations at Mountainside Hakuba to conform with the Japanese government's "Go To Travel" campaign and "Novel Coronavirus Guidelines for Accommodation Facilities (First Edition)" issued in Japanese by the Japanese Hotel Association.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Measures to Promote Social Distancing and Prevent Infection

  • Whenever possible, check-in procedures will now be conducted in guest rooms.
  • If desired, guests may check-in and check-out without face-to-face contact with staff. Please notify us in advance for this service. We will provide the room PIN number and other orientation information by e-mail.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided at the main entrance and in all guest rooms. We ask all guests to use sanitizer on entering the building or a guest room.
  • We have implemented social distancing at the reception area, lobby, and in the elevators. Please follow the posted instructions.
  • On top of our normal cleaning regimen, all guest rooms are now disinfected with alcohol sanitizer. All tableware in the rooms is washed at high temperature. Communal areas are frequently wiped with sanitizer.
  • We have installed acrylic partitions at the front desk to prevent infection from intrapersonal contact.

To our guests

  • We expect guests who are resident in Japan and are staying with us as part of the Japan Tourism Agency's "Go To Travel" campaign to follow the campaign rules regarding customer etiquette during this pandemic. Information in English has not been released, but the campaign rules can be seen in Japanese here.
  • To minimize face-to-face contact with staff, we request all guests to pay in advance before arrival.
  • We now take the temperature and check the ID of all guests. Guests with a fever of 37.5C or higher will be asked to report to the health authorities.
  • We ask all guests to wear a facemask. To protect our staff, we reserve the right to withdraw service from guests who refuse to wear one.

Service Restrictions

  • To prevent infection, our shuttle service is now only available in emergencies.
  • Reception hours may be reduced on certain days.
  • Concierge services will mainly be handled by email and telephone.

Staff Health Management

All staff have been instructed to record their body temperature before work and to pay extra attention to personal hygiene. All staff wear facemasks when meeting guests.

Revised Reservation and Cancellation Policies

  • We have relaxed our reservation and cancellation policies to cope with Covid-19-related disruptions.
  • Reservations can now be made without a deposit.
  • Full payment is required 14 days before arrival. Guests who reside outside Japan may be asked to pay in full 30 days in advance.
  • All reservations can be cancelled with no cancellation fee by giving notice 15 days or more before arrival.

Revised Cancellation Fees

14 to 7 days before arrival30%
6 to 2 days before arrival50%
Day of arrival and day before100%

Guests who are resident in Japan will be exempt from cancellation fees if a State of Emergency has been declared or other travel restrictions have been imposed by national or regional authorities. In this situation, we will refund the accommodation fee in full, minus any transfer charges, regardless of the number of days before arrival.

Guests who reside outside Japan and are unable to travel due to restrictions on country of departure, flight cancellations, or other COVID-19-based disruptions may change their reservation dates without incurring a fee. We invite all guests who are unable to visit us during the coming 2020-21 winter season to change their reservation to the following 2021-22 season. Note that as indicated above, we will provide a full refund (minus transfer fees) for any cancellation made 15 days or more before scheduled arrival.

The Hakuba Company
August 29, 2020